2020-2021 PTO Board of Directors

President: Michelle Thompson [email protected]
Vice-President: Nina Desai [email protected]
Treasurer: Umisha Patel [email protected]
Financial Secretary: Nikki Naz Haq [email protected]
Secretary: Audrey Nguyen [email protected]
VIPS: Lakshmi Kopoliu [email protected]
Ways and Means
Jags Cash Drive: Shima Taba [email protected]


Corporate Sponsorship:
Jaguar Dash: Valorie Staley(Lead) [email protected]
OPEN (Run/Reg)
OPEN (Run/Reg)
OPEN (Shirts/Swag Bags)
OPEN (Awards)
OPEN (Volunteers)
OPEN (Concessions)
OPEN (Sponsorship)  
OPEN (Raffle)
Hospitality: Christy Young [email protected]
6th Grade Coordinators: Open (BBE)
Eiizabeth Abraham (CSE) [email protected]
Open  (WSE)
7th Grade Coordinators: Marianne Hall [email protected]
Jamie Daughdrill [email protected]
8th Grade Career Day: Shima Taba (lead) [email protected]
OPEN (lead)
OPEN (food)
8th Grade Celebration: Shima Taba [email protected]
Special Projects: Cammie Delaune (luncheons) [email protected]
Marianne Hall (auction baskets) [email protected]
Webmaster: Jennifer Pao [email protected]
Multicultural Event:
Spirit Nights:
Box Tops Coordinator:
Shared Dreams:
Teacher Representative: Melannie Boullion [email protected]
SMS Principal: Cholly Ogelsby [email protected]